Remuneration for legal services

In most cases the remuneration for provided legal services is agreed individually between the attorney-at-law and the client on the basis of an agreement which stipulates actual conditions of mutual cooperation. The remuneration can be stipulated as follows:

  • the remuneration based on hourly rate, which is within the range of CZK 1200 - 1800 depending on difficulty of the task and volume of cooperation;
  • the fixed remuneration for each legal task;
  • the remuneration based on share, i.e., the remuneration dependant on litigation success or subject value; 
  • or a combination of the above mentioned.

If the amount of the remuneration is not agreed individually, the decree No. 177/1996 Coll., on remuneration of attorneys-at-law and compensation for provision of legal services (Advocacy Tariff), as amended, shall apply.